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So you’ve heard that React is the best thing since Visual Basic…

But after a few hours investigating, you’ve found so many buzzwords that it just feels overwhelming. You’ve been told to install node, then babel, then webpack, then redux, then a router. And all of that before somebody mentions service workers.

It feels like you’ll need to cut through a jungle of dependencies just to write hello, world!

So here’s the thing:

It’s easier to learn React by itself

By limiting what you need to learn, you’ll free yourself to focus on the good parts. You’ll gain a deeper understanding in a shorter time. And since React rarely changes, the skills that you learn will last.

So React is great by itself. But what about JSX? Is it even possible to use React without a build system?

Actually, yes! The truth is that React works just fine without JSX, and is easier to learn without it!

But let’s say you want to learn JSX anyway? You still don’t need to set up a build system, because React Armory’s lessons will build and run your code for you, as you type. Just like this:

Build In Progress

With React Armory, you can learn React without the buzzwords. And all from the comfort of your browser. So what are you waiting for?

Learn React, By Itself

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